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Creating Clarity through Decision Aid

CLARITY with 4 Simple Questions

  • She's facing an unintended pregnancy and you have a minute to connect.
  • You don't want to overwhelm her with too much information.
  • Why not offer her CLARITY by asking 4 Simple Questions?

4 Decision Support Resources You Should be Using

Until very recently these 4 resources couldn’t be found anywhere. ClearLinQ has been doing some very innovative resource development.

Unintended pregnancy affects upwards to 156,000 women in Canada annually.  Worldwide the number of unintended pregnancies is in the range of 83 million or 40% of all pregnancies.

World in Orange

83 Million Women Making Decisions

It only made sense there should be specialized resources to support women faced with unintended pregnancy. ClearLinQ has developed innovative and practical resources as a bridge to comprehensive support.

  1. My Decision Aid is a unique and specialized tool for individual use.  Helping women clarify next steps when faced with an unintended pregnancy.
  2. Decision Guide for Your Unintended Pregnancy engages you along the journey.  It is a useful resource used in combination with My Decision Aid.
  3. Clarity Toolis a free rapid assessment tool created with physicians and community practitioners in mind.  Helping you offer comprehensive support to your patients and clients.
  4. The BEST Testis a tool designed to help you navigate the conversations you will engage in when offering support.

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