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Creating Clarity through Decision Aid

CLARITY with 4 Simple Questions

  • She's facing an unintended pregnancy and you have a minute to connect.
  • You don't want to overwhelm her with too much information.
  • Why not offer her CLARITY by asking 4 Simple Questions?

Creating Clarity

It’s amazing that in 2014 there are still new things being invented. In reality, as long as there are living breathing creative beings on earth, there will be new things!

Creativity will never be quenched, especially creativity that comes out of a desire to make a difference. To fill a void that has yet to be filled. In this case creativity joined purpose and gave birth to ClearlinQ.

ClearLinQ brings creativity to the world of unintended pregnancy with new and long overdue resources. ClearLinQ has created resources intended to be a bridge to exceptional support. Support for both the woman facing an unintended pregnancy and those who provide assistance to her along her journey.

Creating Clarity through Decision Aid

The Patient Decision Aids Research Group, in Ottawa, Canada, defines decision aids as:

Tools that help people become involved in decision making by making explicit the decision that needs to be made, providing information about the options and outcomes, and by clarifying personal values. They are designed to complement, rather than replace, counseling from a health practitioner.

Clarity is defined as the ability to think clearly and not be confused. ClearLinQ believes clarity is a key component of decision-making. Gaining clarity is essential but not always easy. ClearLinQ has developed innovative, practical decision aid solutions for you.

Reading Glasses

Gaining Clarity just got Easier

Clarity is within your reach. ClearLinQ tools to help you on your pathway to clarity:

  1. My Decision Aid is a unique and specialized tool for individual use.  Helping women clarify next steps when faced with an      unintended pregnancy.
  2. Decision Guide for Your Unintended Pregnancy engages you along the journey.  It is a useful resource used in combination with My Decision Aid.
  3. Clarity Tool is a free rapid assessment tool created with physicians and community practitioners in mind.  Helping you offer comprehensive support to your patients and clients.
  4. The BEST Test is a tool designed to help you navigate the conversations you will engage in when offering support.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”.

Anthony Robins

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