Decision Aid Matters

Creating Clarity through Decision Aid

CLARITY with 4 Simple Questions

  • She's facing an unintended pregnancy and you have a minute to connect.
  • You don't want to overwhelm her with too much information.
  • Why not offer her CLARITY by asking 4 Simple Questions?

Even Birds make Decisions!

  The Gulf of Mexico early September is blissful. I was thoroughly entertained one afternoon while watching the shoreline birds. It struck me that even birds make decisions, from the wee wave chasing Sanderling, to the diving Seagull, and even the patient Great Blue Heron. Driven to eat, each one takes a calculated risk at […]

I said YES!

One of the highlights of my summer vacation is watching the sunset on the beach. One evening while walking the beach minutes before sunset I spotted a message in the sand, I said yes (heart).   Someone I’ll probably never meet was proposed to, perhaps just minutes before I arrived at that very spot. She […]